The choir is open to singers of all ages from seven upwards. Whilst the ability to read music and play an instrument is helpful, it is by no means essential.

Enthusiasm and Commitment are the key attributes required. Members receive a modest payment.

Singers are warmly invited to attend both morning and evening but may choose to attend one or the other.

Rehearsals are held prior to the services as follows:

Daytime Service

Sunday 9.25am 10.30am

Sunday  5.25pm 6.30pm

The choir meets throughout the year with the following exceptions:

  • No rehearsals during August.
  • No rehearsals on the Sundays after Christmas and Easter.

The Choir attends additionally on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

There are weddings throughout the year on Saturdays (optional attendance).

Voice for Life Scheme

Our choristers follow the Royal School of Church Music award scheme called Voice for Life.

The choristers proceed through different levels by means of workbooks covering music theory, voice care tips, vocal and physical exercises and information gathering and discussion. All of our junior choristers follow this award scheme and it is also available for the adults to follow if they wish.

There are additional awards which are externally examined by the RSCM and some of our senior choristers have completed these awards.

We invite you to attend a rehearsal and service without obligation.